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Delphic: Stepping up to higher levels of excellence

Delphic is, in my opinion, the young pioneers of modern British music of my generation (saying that, I am in my mid-20s!) and I feel absolutely honoured to grow up listening to music like this.

Collections is not Acolyte 2.0 - so some of us will bound to be disappointed and even angered. If you are looking for a recreation of Acolyte, the best idea might be to listen to Acolyte backwards. That might be something for you to enjoy.

This LP is a huge project of pop art/geek science crossover. The artwork, created by artist Vhils, is a real (yes, real) 18-stone piece of art and in itself something extraordinary, and adding to it, the fact that it took the band 3 years (3 long years, you kept me waiting 3 long years!) and the collaboration of two producers (Tim Goldsworthy and Ben Allen) and one Olympic summer soundtracked by the Delphs (Did anyone count how many times did the Delphic edit of Chariots of Fire get played during the Olympics?) The severity of this project makes it difficult for listeners to grasp the concept behind this LP at first encounter. I have to admit, I struggle to understand at first sight too (but then, I am no Shakespeare, nor am I Einstein).

Collections is a true cross-genre LP, with the band drawing influences from across the world based on the dance/indie rock mixture that we all much loved about Delphic. It provokes a lot of deep thoughts in a melodic sense. You might not like it upon first listen (yes, it’s a grower, pardon the pun), but after a few rotations, you will start to realise the Delphs did produce something special here. It challenges our perception about the current state of modern music. It brings people out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, in doing so, it might make some people lose interest on this album, hoping for the great recreation of Acolyte and wondering what went wrong.

However, you might not realise that, by losing something good, you have gained something better - and that, my friend, is what we call a change (Such fun!). The trio have mastered this change well. But, like myself, for those of you who listened to Acolyte back in 2010, we could possibly remember Delphic as ‘the breath of fresh air’, ‘the big hype’, ‘the new New Order’ and ‘on kissing terms with magnificence’ (that still makes me laugh) - so in a fact, Delphic might have grown up, but they didn’t change at all. They are still James, Rick and Matt.

Delphic didn’t change, we are changing with Delphic.

So remember why you like Delphic, and remember who you are.
This is what Delphic is. And I (insert appropriate adjective here) LOVE IT.

So, shuffle that bad boy. :)
Keep on, keep on. Let’s do something real.

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